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Vitamin D not effective for lowering blood pressure


A wide-ranging review of clinical trial data led by researchers at the University of Dundee has found that the use of vitamin D to lower blood pressure is ineffective.

In an article published online by JAMA Internal Medicine the research team led by Dr Miles Witham, of the School of Medicine at Dundee, conclude that vitamin D should not be used to treat hypertension or to lower blood pressure.

Type 1 Diabetes life expectancy improvement


A major study of patients in Scotland living with type 1 diabetes has found life expectancy has improved in comparison to previous research, although it still lags significantly behind that of the general population without diabetes.

The study carried out by researchers at the University of Dundee and the Scottish Diabetes Research Network shows that type 1 diabetes is associated with on average a reduction in life expectancy of about 11 years in men and about 13 years in women compared with the general Scottish population without type 1 diabetes.

BMA recognises 'role model' Prof Marion McMurdo


A new BMA report outlines the valuable role of the clinical academic and features a range of real-life stories from academics nominated as inspirational by their peers - including the University of Dundee's Professor Marion McMurdo.

BMA medical academic staff committee co-chair Michael Rees said: ‘We wanted to highlight staff from a range of backgrounds, at early stages of their careers, who have already had a positive impact on others and are passionate about what they do.’

He said it was never too late for any doctor to enter academic medicine.

The importance of being in research


Professor Marion McMurdo appeared on the Agenda with Martyn Lewis radio show broadcast digitally by “The Wireless”.

In an hour long interview, accompanied by Libby Archer of Age UK, the programme focussed on clinical research in old age, what it involves, and the benefits of getting involved.

The opportunity to contribute arose through the University of Dundee Medical School's close relationship with the Age UK charity which is a stakeholder organisation of the Department of Ageing and Health.

Study targets falling among the elderly


A University of Dundee study looking to develop a fresh approach to reducing falls among people in old age is asking for volunteers throughout Tayside.

The PREFACE study (Preventing Falls with ACE inhibitors) is looking at whether a group of commonly prescribed drugs known as ACE inhibitors, which are used for heart problems, may also improve muscles and balance and thus help reduce susceptibility to falls.

Knee pain study spreads following UK-wide interest


A novel research study about knee arthritis has been inundated with interest from across the country from older people living with knee pain and osteoarthritis who seek a safe treatment for reducing suffering and improving quality of life.

Researchers at the University of Dundee are examining the effects of spironolactone, an inexpensive and well known heart drug that has been on the market for over 40 years and which they believe may have potential to help people with osteoarthritis.

Dundee study refutes belief in Vitamin D


Treatment with Vitamin D does not help reduce high blood pressure in older people, a new study from the University of Dundee has shown.

Researchers in the School of Medicine examined the effects of Vitamin D supplements provided to patients aged 70 and over who had isolated systolic hypertension - the most common type of high blood pressure among older people.

Previous research had suggested that Vitamin D could have a positive effect in controlling hypertension. The Dundee study included 159 participants in a randomised trial carried out over a year.

Dundee experts' stark warning


Unnecessary ward moves are becoming increasingly common and have adverse consequences both for patients and for hospitals, according to researchers from the University of Dundee.

Professor Marion McMurdo and Dr Miles Witham have drawn attention to the practice of ‘boarding’ patients – moving individuals from their own base specialty ward to other wards to accommodate influxes of new patients – in an editorial published today in Age and Ageing, the scientific journal of the British Geriatrics Society.

Move to Transform Health !

Marion McMurdo is Professor and Head of Ageing and Health at the University of Dundee and a consultant geriatrician. She leads a multidisciplinary team of researchers examining the role of exercise, physical activity and nutrition in sarcopenia and age-related functional decline. 

She is renowned for a highly successful track record in completing large clinical trials in frail older populations. She was appointed as UK Chair of the National Institute for Health Research Ageing Research group in 2009 and has published over 150 peer reviewed papers.

Why focus on single diseases when most people have multiple conditions ?

Bruce Guthrie is Professor for Primary Care Medicine at the University of Dundee Medical School where he leads the Quality, Safety and Informatics Research Group - which conducts applied research to translate basic and clinical research into effective and reliable clinical practice. 

His main research interests are the quality and safety of healthcare, particularly in primary care and currently focused on prescribing, multimorbidity and the organisation of healthcare. 


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